Hello Steven Wright!

Hello Steven Wright!

The Space wouldn’t be the place it is without the awesome peeps that hang out with us and make up our wonderful community! Friends of The Space is a way for us to share with you some of the awesome humans we are lucky to spend our time with.

So here we go…

Meet our friend Steven Wright, Sole Trader and Pixel Related Generalist.

From website design and development, web-applications, content and digital marketing, video and photography services, I've been working with all-things-pixels for almost 20 years. 

Why co-working? Why The Space?

Co-working suits my random schedule perfectly, and it's nice to have a base at The Space. Some weeks I feel like I'm pulled into different clients (working on / off-site), but then there's time where I'm spending lots of time here.

Having familiar faces and friendly conversations is really important as a freelancer - working from home is a certain path for cabin fever. Compared to other co-working, I love that The Space isn't the 'wannabe corporate' environment of some other places (that I won’t specifically name!).

It's casual here, which is how I like things.

What’s your favourite thing to do on the weekend?

Take photos, go for runs, play music, go to gigs, catch up with friends, eat out, moan when the Melbourne Demons are playing. And making random things (apps / games / songs / writing) if I feel like it.

I have a fully flexible membership so you’ll sometimes see me hanging out at The Space on the weekends too.

Want more of Steve? Check him out here…

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